Eminent Technology Tone arms, Woofers

The 2.5 tonearm can be mounted on most currently available turntables. It can also be mounted on older model turntables from manufacturers such as VPI, SOTA, and Oracle. You may contact us about turntable compatability.

A potential owner should have experience setting up tonearms on turntables and have the necesary tools to install phono cartridges and set tracking force. The tonearm comes with an overhang alignment guage. In some cases drilled mounting boards are available directly from turntable companies.
The recommended air pump for use with the ET-2.5 tonearm is the WISA model 300 with a surge tank which is not supplied. We can assist in sourcing air pumps. We can also build the ET 2.5 tonearm for use with the Takatsuki SPP-6GA air pump sold originally with the ET-2. The ET-2.5 tonearm air bearing can also be designed to work with shop compressors. 
 The 2.5 tonearm is a state of the art air bearing linear tracking tonearm which will fit most modern turntables. Highly respected as one of the great tonearms of the last 30 years and currently still available.